Trump/Is he his worst own enemy?

I watched Donald Trump give his victory speech tonight and what I saw could ruin his chance of being the nominee. Can’t any of his advisors tell him to wrap up his victory speech? Trump started to concern me with his lack of direction in his victory speech. Yes Donald, it was a good night for you, but don’t gloat. In order for the American voter to vote for you in November, you must rein in your ego. True, it has gotten you great results up to this point, but Donald pull back on the gas peddle.

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Can anyone stick to their campaign promises?

When I watch the 2016 debates, I think to myself, what will it take to truly help the average person in America. Bernie Sanders has some interesting ideas concerning health and education. Donald Trump is promising that we’ll all be winners if he is elected. But the only thing the average citizen is getting out of this campaign process, is how to lie with a smile. America’s challenges far outweigh any of the bull-crap which is being tossed at us on a daily basis. The United States needs to resolve its domestic issues before we get involved in another conflict. Real leadership comes from a candidate that can follow through on their promises. Hopefully, the voter will chose someone who picks America first.

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The daily commute nightmare/Is there a better way?

How long does it take you to get to work? Be honest, one hour or more? When will drivers realize there are viable alternatives to their hellish commute. Ridership has been rising over the last several years on all or most transit agencies. Some people are seeing the light . Whether they carpool or bike to work, options are available. How about working from home? If it is possible, the benefits of working at home can be immense. Just think of it, no traffic, no stress, just relaxing and doing your work at home. Many employers offer incentives to utilize public transportation. Does your employer offer it? Find out, it could save you a lot of traffic hassle. Bottom line, we as a nation have to make a choice about our lives and the environment. What are you going to chose?

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Denver’s 5-cent bag fee/Is it a tax?

How many times are you walking down the street and notice plastic bags on the street. Concerns about the environment are gaining increasing attention around the nation. Denver wants to do something about it. Denver is proposing a 5-cent fee on plastic bags or brown paper bags to help ease waste. Is it a tax? Denver will probably have to vet this issue. Some towns in Colorado already have this bag fee. Some people think why just 5-cents, why not a dollar? Where do you stand on the fee? I don’t think it is a bad idea. Plenty of times visiting the local store I receive a plastic bag when its not even needed. Will the fee idea spread to other large cities? Time will tell.

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Philadelphia Schools/Out of money?

The Philadelphia School system is in free-fall. Massive layoffs and cutbacks throughout the system will affect students in a big way. How did one of the largest school systems in the nation get to this point? Is it just a sign of these tough economic times of the last few years? Politics seems to be playing a role in the crisis. Republicans rule Harrisburg and Democrats run Philadelphia. Will a expanded sales tax solve the funding crisis? Will the teacher unions have to trim their benefit packages? Students have jumped into the fray by staging large protests. What concerns everyone is the start of the school year being affected. Students and parents are crossing their fingers for a positive outcome. Will they be disappointed? Stay tuned!

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Fracking/Coming to your town soon?

Fracking is back in the news. Whether its a new show on the pitfalls of fracking or a show promoting the economic benefits of fracking, the issue is a serious one. Local residents that are affected by fracking are concerned about their health and environment. For example, what happens to all of the wastewater which comes from the fraccking process? Disclosure seems to be the word of day in this dispute. What chemicals are being used in the process? Proponents state that the fracking process is done at extreme depths and does not affect surface water. Who do you believe? Where are the state and federal studies to determine whether fracking is safe? As with anything, money plays a big role in the fracking issue. Are studies stopped or suspended due to budget shortfalls or is something much more sinister at work? Stay tuned, the franking saga will continue.

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Brazil/The power of protest

Brazil is undergoing a change of direction in the past two weeks. People have taken to the streets to vent their anger at a government that is basically non-responsive. What started out as a protest about transit services quickly evolved into something much larger. Lack of sufficient healthcare services along with a terrible school system is taking its toll on the nation. Political corruption among members of their Congress is also troubling. Will the protests amount too any political change? Some say it already has accomplished some positive movement in efforts too confront corruption. The important thing to remember is that change has risks if it happens too quickly. Hopefully protestors and security forces will respect each other and not resort to violence.

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Glenn Hafner/Legacy of Decency

When I came up with the idea for the MatthewJshow a few years back, I called my good friend Glenn Hafner. When I told him about my grand plans for the show, he was sold. Just a few days before our first show, Glenn died of a heart attack. Glenn was only 51. I had just spoken to Glenn the previous night about our first show. It’s been two years to the day that Glenn died. I’ve done dozens of shows in the past two years covering the topics that Glenn and I discussed many times over the years. Glenn was a local Republican politician who represented his precinct for over 25 years. We had different views on politics, but I think it would have made the show interesting. What made Glenn different than most, was his ability to answer just about any question with authority. I often asked Glenn some obscure question and Glenn would provide a lengthy response. Glenn would take the time and patience to make sure you understood.

Glenn lived life to the fullest. He liked politics, guns, and food. Most people don’t realize the impact they have on those around them. The important lesson I learned from Glenn is to take time to get know the people around you. You might just be surprised or inspired to make a difference in the world. Glenn’s legacy of decency will always be remembered.

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The illusion of privacy

It’s nice to know that your tax dollars are being spent in such a constructive manner. Whistleblower Edward Snowden was part of the multi-billion dollar intelligence industry. The fact that the NSA has taken data collection to heights should be no surprise. Check out some of author James Bamford’s books about America’s once so secret agency. Bamford touches on some of the reported capabilities of the agency. Americans disclose personal details on social media everyday. I guess the NSA just thought if we don’t collect the data somebody more sinister might. Whatever the reasons behind the massive data collection, not one politician or intelligence official has put forward a case of why it is needed. National Security can be maintained in a much less intrusive nature then is currently being practiced. Secrecy and democracy can be a dangerous mix. Let’s hope that comprehensive oversight of data collection and the rule of law prevail.

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Facial Recognition/The new fingerprint?

Are you concerned that your privacy is all but gone with today’s technology. Just think about it. You’re walking through the mall and talking ad’s try to entice you to make a purchase based on a database which has just about everything you’ve purchased. Facial recognition is being used by just about every government agency in the country. The problem with facial recognition is that you can’t opt out. If you go into the city or shop or go to the airport, chances are facial recognition technology is being used. Is it the new fingerprint? Maybe not at this moment, but we are slowly inching toward it. The problem is that technology is outpacing laws. All of this data needs oversight. How long is it stored and who views it. Bottom line, facial technology is here to stay.

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